About Us

Veitch Cooper Limited is a project services company who work with communities, landowners, private companies and public sector organisations to develop demonstrator projects which challenge accepted energy industry norms and design methods. Our aim: to provide a step change in energy affordability within the UK and Ireland.

The company was formed on 1st July 2014 by Catherine Cooper, a Technology and Innovation manager with over 20 years industry experience.

We operate on a consortium basis bringing together a network of skilled professionals (our associates) to deliver projects and services to the emerging distributed and smart grid energy markets. Entry into the consortium is by invitation only.

Cath Cooper - Director

Catherine is a degree qualified Electrical and Electronic Engineer with an MSc in Technology and Innovation Management. She is an experienced engineering manager with a reputation for creative problem solving. This, combined with a simple pragmatic approach and an innate ability to translate complex technical requirements into simple understandable briefs, makes her an extremely valuable addition to any team.

Catherine has had a rich and varied career spanning over 25 years having worked in various New Product Development (NPD) roles within the defence, semiconductor and energy sectors. She is passionate about technology development but is equally comfortable with the commercial and financial aspects of project development.

Key Skills

  • Negotiation;
  • Strategy Formation;
  • Policy Development;
  • Technology;
  • Commercialisation;
  • Engineering Project Management;
  • Relationship Management;
  • Funding Application;
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership Management;
  • Team Management;
  • SME Business Improvement.

Our Associate Network

Tap into our network

The complex nature of the energy industry within the UK and Ireland means that it is very rare to find any one person that has all of the knowledge required to drive change. Consequently, our associate team consists of a mix of experienced industry professionals who specialise in at least one of the traditional energy market areas – although most have worked in several.

We have a large skills overlap which results in an effective peer review network and a healthy level of debate

The Veitch Cooper associates have an in depth knowledge of the factors affecting successful low carbon infrastructure project development and can access an extensive network of technology specialists with the skills and experience necessary to address these. As the majority of us started our careers as engineers, before branching into more commercial roles, we have the analytical skills and technical insight to quickly specify project requirements and pull together the appropriate mix of skills for the project team.

At Veitch Cooper we recognise the strength that comes from shared experience consequently you will find that we have all worked together in the past in similar roles: whether it be within industry; academia or on secondment to particular projects.

In short; we know each other; we know our relatively strengths and, importantly, we know how to combine to provide maximum impact.

Please contact us today to find out how we can work with you to deliver change.

Jorge Acosta

Jorge has over 10 years of experience in various sectors, electricity distribution and transmission, conventional and renewable generation and delivering consulting services for electrical network innovation projects. Jorge has experience in supporting developers with onshore renewable and grid connection advice for seamless energy/power distribution and international experience in due diligence for onshore and offshore wind, good project management Jorge is an experienced Management Consultant with over eighteen years working in partnership with Major clients to transform their organisations.

He is currently working on the Ruggedised project, modelling electrical assets across the Scottish power network.

Key Skills

  • Project Management
  • Power Systems Modelling
  • Electrification of heat and transport strategy
  • DNO liaison
  • Proposal writing and bid management

Ciaran Higgins

Senior Engineer and Energy Manager with over 13 years of experience in the Energy Sector for public and private sector organisations. Qualified to Master's Degree level (Distinction achieved) in Renewable Energy and Distribution as well as recently becoming a prize-winning post-graduate in Urban Design – all in addition to his initial European Master of Electronic Engineering MEng (First Class Honours).

Experienced in development of new business models and strategic partnerships within the private and public sector Responsible for development and successful implementation of energy-master-planning programme under FP7 EU Grant Funding Programme, across 4 EU Cities (Glasgow, Riga, Ghent and Gothenburg) – currently on-going with University of Strathclyde acting as Programme Director.

Relevant Experience:

  • Director, Derryherk Limited (clients include SPEN and Glasgow City Council)
  • Head of Technical Development, Craighall Energy Limited
  • Commercial Development Surveyor, Scottish Power Energy Networks
  • International Senior Executive, Scottish Development International
  • Principal Officer – Carbon Management, Glasgow City Council
  • Project Officer Glasgow City Council
  • Electrical Engineer / Renewable Energy Consultant, Sgurr Energy
  • Consultant Layout Engineer (Electronic Engineering), Various