Joining the dots in your energy projects!

Veitch Cooper Limited specialise in the development of new products and services for the emerging distributed energy market. The company was formed in July 2014 and since then we have been working quietly in the background to establish ourselves as a preferred project development partner.

Our mission: to provide a step change in energy affordability within the UK and Ireland and in doing so create opportunities for wider economic growth.

We work with landowners, communities, public and private sector clients to develop energy solutions which make best use of local resources and existing energy infrastructure to deliver low cost energy. We then help identify (and apply for) funding to deliver demonstrator projects which show how this can be done and in the process help technology providers commercialise their products.

The reduction of fuel poverty is high on our agenda.

Delivering the above is not an easy task. It requires an in-depth knowledge of how the energy industry works: the policies that drive change; the regulatory frameworks which govern how energy is generated, bought and sold; how gas and electricity is transported and distributed around different regions and of course the opportunities (and limitations) of new technologies that can help make this a reality.

The Veitch Cooper associates know how to join the dots.

Our team consists of experienced industry professionals who specialise in at least one of the above areas - although most of us have worked in several. We have an in depth knowledge of the factors affecting successful low carbon infrastructure project delivery and can access an extensive network of technology specialists with skills and experience necessary to address these.

Please contact us today to find out how we can work with you to deliver change.


Bring derelict land back to productive use by generating low carbon energy whilst you remediate


Partner with us to develop local energy projects which deliver real benefits to your community, including low carbon electricity and heat where you need it most.

Private Sector

We will work with you to ensure that the benefits from your low carbon projects are realised. We will identify and manage exemplar projects to successfully commercialise your products.

Public Sector

We will work with you to develop investable projects that make best use of available resources and help deliver benefits identified within your carbon management plan